Nature Play Gift Bundle

The best playground you will ever find is right outside your front door!

Exploring nature with your child offers endless learning opportunities, deepening their appreciation for the world around them and encouraging them to care for the natural world.

Our Nature Play Gift Bundle gives you and your child inspiring starting points for your outdoor adventures with our sweetly illustrated Nature Play Cards and the perfect basic first aid kit in our Ouch Bag so that when little ouchies happen, as they can in nature, the fun can keep going.

Whether you live in the heart of the city, in outer suburbia or surrounded by the countryside, this Nature Play Gift Bundle will help you and your child explore your surroundings with new eyes every day. 

Nature Play Cards

Mother Nature is the greatest teacher your child will have and these Nature Play Cards are designed to inspire purposeful interaction with the natural world with little or no equipment, toys or devices required. Just your little one, their curiousity and nature itself - with you there for supervision of course!

Ouch Bag

Our Ouch Bag is a perfectly sized, portable first aid kit that you can take out with you anywhere so that when little accidents happen, the fun won't stop. 

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