May 02, 2019

tips for dad to take better photos of mum and bub

Huge issue alert facing Mum’s, it’s constantly bugging but still not addressed.
Why aren’t Mum’s in many of the photos with their bubs and kids yet spend the most time with them out of everyone?

Save for an arm extended selfie which probably catches you with five chins, grinning with your head cocked and an eye closed and a babe asleep on you so you can’t move to fix it anyway.

Jellystone Designs asked its customers if they felt they were in enough photos with their kids and were blown away by the number of responses. Some heartbreaking about how they feel ugly, probably wouldn’t want to see themselves anyway or they are always taking photos of their partner with bub but it is never reciprocated.

We need this changed. Mum’s you are beautiful, you’ll see.

This Mother’s Day, Jellystone Designs are setting the challenge: Dad’s please take a photo of mama and your kids – and by Dad’s we mean dad’s, partners, grandparents, carers, mates – just not mum!

Capture it, post in on Facebook or add it to your Instagram and tag us and you will be entering to win prizes from Jellystone Designs and Keepsake Frames valued at $1350. Once you have stocked up on an award winning range of toys, teethers and jewellery you can have that photo framed and ready to hang on your wall in a matter of clicks.

Importance of capturing mum and bub moments

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To help make this fail safe and something to get into the habit of here are some super straight forward tips to help capture the best photos. Dad’s we’re looking at you:

  • Capture the moment – whether it is random fits of laughter, feeding time or falling asleep on the lounge just get the phone out and snap. Bubs and kids often have cuter faces when it is natural rather than the awkward smile they bust out when forced.
  • Take loads so there are more to choose from – you can delete the half open eye shots later
  • Move about more and get different angles. You know how your partner didn’t get to showering the other day? Well let’s give her some options to pick from where she feels most self confident. Eye level is the most flattering
  • Put your phone on silent so you’re free to keep snapping without blowing up the candid moment with the click click click
  • The little moments and the little features – simple ideas like mama and bubs holding hand or their toes touching are tear jerkingly precious. Also moments like heads buried in books or walking ahead together at the beach.

As Sohpie Cachia put it:

“So whenever you see one of us with our babies, a beautiful candid moment, take the bloody god d*mn photo.”

We couldn’t put it better ourselves.


Jellystone Designs

Gorgeous and award winning range of silicone made jewellery and teethers with a strong commitment to enhance the way babies and children learn through sensory exploration.

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Prize details:

First prize is $500 Jellystone Designs gift voucher and $100 to spend with Keepsake Frames. For 5 lucky runners up you’ll receive a $100 Jellystone Designs voucher and $50 to use with Keepsake Frames

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