It’s a big, wide world out there for your baby to explore!  Don’t let big teething pains interfere with exploring exciting new frontiers:  Jellystone Designs has the perfect teether toy to suit your baby and make those challenging times a little easier.

Jellystone is Australia’s original designer of safe, effective silicone teething aids. Our range of non-toxic teethers and toys have the perfect density for chewing to relieve sore gums and encourage self-soothing with the range of textures on each toy.  

We create a range of food-grade silicone toys and teether toys that help your baby to develop essential skills for exploring their world.  Small, circular shaped teethers are perfect for smaller babies who are developing their hold reflex as this shape encourages them to grasp the toy and to bring their hands together across their midline - a developmental milestone.  Hand and eye coordination is developed as the held teether is brought to the mouth and your baby experiences the joy of discovering colours, textures, shapes and movement as they play and chew.

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