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  • Glo Pals FAQ

    Glo Pals are liquid-activated light-up sensory toys. These toys each come with their own personality and color. There are four of each character in a pack. Pippa glows green, Alex glows yellow, Lumi glows purple, Sammy glows red, and Blair glows blue.

    Yes! The technology behind the Glo Pals has been extensively tested and sold all over the world. These products have been independently tested by laboratories in the United States to meet all applicable standards for children ages 3 and up. Because of the size of the Glo Pals, the product is intended for children 3 and up.

    The Glo Pals are tested to meet Australian & New Zealand standards for ages 3+ years. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years or any individuals who have a tendency to place objects in their mouth. They do contain small coin cell batteries which can cause serious injuries if swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, however the Glo Pals are sealed for safety reasons so they should not be accessible to any child. 

    If you suspect that your child has swallowed a button battery, contact your local 24hr Poison Information Line immediately: 13 11 26 (AUS) or 0800 764 766 (NZ). 

    There are four light-up bath toys (pals) in each pack. The color of the pack denotes what color the pal will light-up when placed in the tub. For example, the purple pack will come with four pals inside that light-up purple. Check out glopals.com/shop to see more images.

    Each individual Glo Pal lasts a minimum of sixteen lighted hours. What this means is that the product automatically turns on when placed in the bath, and automatically turns off when the bath is drained. Only the time that the product is lighted will count against the battery life. On average, a Glo Pal should last for a minimum of 30 days. We do encourage you to read the “storage” question below to further increase longevity.

    They are not. To meet applicable USA safety standards, the batteries are sealed to minimize the risk of a choking hazard. To us, safety is by far the most important - and we want to make sure your child is safe with our product. Even though the batteries are not replaceable, the pals are recyclable. A Glo Pal lasts for 4-6 weeks on average. 

    The Glo Pal Light Up Cubes are recyclable, and we encourage you to recycle whenever possible. The Glo Pal Light Up Cubes are considered electronic waste and should be recycled at a proper e-waste facility. Typically, anywhere that recycles batteries, specifically coin cell batteries, will take the Glo Pal Light Up Cubes. You can search for locations near you at recyclingnearyou.com.au to recycle.

    The Glo Pal Characters are recyclable, and we encourage you to recycle whenever possible. The Glo Pal Characters are made of recyclable plastic. Please keep in mind, these instructions are ONLY for the Glo Pal Characters - not the Glo Pal Light Up Cubes (which contain batteries and are considered e-waste). You can search for locations near you at recyclingnearyou.com.au to recycle.

    It is very important that the Glo Pals are removed from liquid and dried when not in use. Typically, removing the pals from liquid, giving them a quick shake, and setting them out to dry will help increase the lifespan of the pals.

    If you notice that your Glo Pal Light Up Cube doesn't turn off when removed from liquid, try these things:

    • Blow into the slots located directly above and below the face of the Glo Pal. The liquid sensor is located inside of this cavity and blowing though here should help it to dry.
    • Leave the Glo Pal Light Up Cube on its side after it turns off. This lets residual fluid run off of the Glo Pal.

    If the Glo Pal Light Up Cube still does not turn off, please check to see if there seems to be fluid in the battery compartment.

    If your Glo Pal Light Up Cube doesn't turn on, please make sure you're putting it in liquid containing ions. For example, bottled water typically does not contain ions and Glo Pal Light Up Cubes typically will not work in bottled or distilled water. If you're still having issues and your Pal is new, please contact our support team at support@glopals.com.If your Glo Pal Light Up Cube worked previously but is no longer lighting up, there is a high likelihood that the Pal was not dried properly and stayed on overnight.

    If your Glo Pal Sensory Play Jar batteries need replacing, an adult must unscrew the base of the jar to access the battery compartment. Replace with 3 new AAA batteries (ensure the correct polarity) and rescrew the base onto the jar ensuring it is tight and secure. Then we recommend disposing of the used batteries at the proper waste facility.

    This can be dependent on how much you use the jar. We recommend empty the jar of water after every use to conserve battery life (otherwise the light will continue to stay on in the jar due to the water-activated technology). Keeping with regular use, the Sensory Play Jar should last

    Remove all the contents and liquids after every use or playtime. Handwash only with soap and water. Please keep the battery compartment dry and do not submerge your Jar in water.

    f you're still having issues and your Pal is new, please contact our support team at support@glopals.com.

    For more information, check out the Glo Pals support portal here: SUPPORT PORTAL