The Story Behind the Feelings Cube

October 08, 2021

The Story Behind the Feelings Cube

It's the collaboration you've been waiting for!

Two much-loved Australian children's brands have collaborated to bring you the NEW 'Feelings Cube', a toy designed to help little ones learn about and deal with big emotions. Two Little Ducklings are known for their range of flash cards that inspire kids to learn and record memories. Jellystone Designs is an award winning brand that works with silicone creating sensory toys. 

Like all good collaborations, it started with some Instagram DMs back and forth between Claire Behrmann, owner of Jellystone Designs and Jacinta Weir, owner of Two Little Ducklings.

Claire says,

"I have always loved Two Little Ducklings' flash cards - I've got quite the collection at home and my kids love them! So when we decided to create the Feelings Cube, my mind instantly went to Jacinta's gorgeous graphics. They're so cute and easy for little ones to understand, I thought they would be the perfect fit!"

Feelings Cube

Using the cutest graphics from Two Little Ducklings flash cards, the silicone Feelings Cube has 6 sides, each describing a different emotion that children experience on a regular basis. You've got happy, sad, excited, anxious, proud, and angry. Plus, each emotion has 3 additional synonyms to help children improve their emotional vocabulary and really pinpoint how they are feeling.

Due to COVID restrictions, Claire and Jacinta have never met in person but that didn't stop them from brainstorming and conceptualizing this new product.

"We both have three children and lockdown has been a challenge to say the least but working on this product has brought a lot of joy. Whenever I'd see a new email from Jacinta with an update, I would get so excited."

"Our kids have felt a full gamut of emotions these past few months - we've tried to discuss what those feelings are and what we can do about it".

Boy holding Feelings Cube

Jacinta is no stranger to designing products to help children deal with big emotions. The Two Little Ducklings' Feelings and Emotions Pack is one of her favourite collections and a bestseller! Bringing the graphics to life in the Feelings Cube has been an exciting experience and one that Weir thinks will be a great tool for children and their parents; 

"Explaining emotions can be very difficult for little people and their emotions can be big, so arming them with the right tools is so important. The cube is a great way for children to learn through play, a great conversation starter and way for children to identify what they are feeling so together you can find away to help them when they need it."

The Feelings Cube has already received interest from Child Psychologists and Mental Health experts and advocates. Monique Beglinger, a Child Psychologist said

"Emotional literacy skills are crucial for child development and wellbeing so this Feelings Cube provides a great tool to teach emotion identification for young children. I love that the core emotions are covered, but in addition to this they are further explored with more in depth emotions. Using this dice, you can turn learning about emotions into a fun, playful experience!"


The Feelings Cube ($21.95) is available for purchase on the Jellystone Designs website.

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