34 Things to Try to Help Manage Lockdown

August 24, 2021

34 Things to Try to Help Manage Lockdown

We've called on our team, friends and family for all their tips to try to manage a positive outlook and get through the crappy days of lockdown. From families, to couples to people living by themselves, each one was happy to share. If something on this list can help with one hard moment then we'll be feeling pretty tickled pink we could be there for you.


1. Go for a drive with really loud music playing for a solo rock out.

Girl sticking head out of the car window


2. Make small daily rituals  like a cup of tea with storytime or some body stretches as you check the weather outside.

3. Have a family picnic lunch. 

4. Limit how much news you watch, read and listen to.

5. Dust off and play all those board games and puzzles.

Family playing board games.

6. Helpline services are there  - you can absolutely call them as you need to.

7. Celebrate everything from big milestones to teeny tiny ones.

8. Drink!  But make it work for you, not against you.

9. Have something to look forward to every. single. day.

10. Make a family floor picnic for dinner.

11. Make a list with small, manageable tasks to achieve.  Don't set out to declutter the house. Instead be explicit, for example, clear out the second drawer in the bathroom. Set yourself up for success so you can achieve that. Woohoo! Then move on to the next if you're up for it

Hand writing a list of tasks.

12. Have your own day spa moment at home.

13. Have one clear and tidy space  you can focus on and remember that you can be organised!

14. Minimize your social media use.

15. Get fussy on who you interact with  - people who make you feel a little brighter after chatting with them are shining lights through this.

16. Mute chat groups  you are in that can get too intense and overwhelming.

Mute Notifications

17. Take it just one day at a time.

18. Share some acts of kindness  - bake cookies and drop them to doorsteps, picks some flowers, deliver a meal, drop off a bottle of wine, just call to check in.

19. Rant!  Yes, sure many people may have it worse than you but it is OK to get off your chest, whatever it is that is bugging you and then move on.

20. Love the skin you're in.  We all have mono-brows and regrowth. You're beautiful just as you are.

Love Yourself

21. It's OK to cry.

22. Say yes to being silly  - bounce on the trampoline, run through the sprinkler, have your face painted, put some colour in your hair.

23. Remember you are enough.

24. Check in with how you are feeling often.

25. Light the candles, switch on the diffuser.

26. Exercise, stretch and move.

Woman planking indoors

27. Meet a friend for a walk  or call a friend while you're out for your walk.

28. Keep a list of the next book, podcast, movie, TV series to get into next.

29. Remember we will get through this  and you'll look back and be proud of how you managed it.

30. Help someone who needs a little bit of extra love.

31. Get out in some nature.

Sunlight filtering through trees.

32. Meditate - however this may look or feel for you.

33. Play calming and soothing music.

34. Focus on what you can do, not what you can't do.


We hope these help shine a little light on our lives in lockdown! If you've got some additional tips, please feel free to pop them in the comments below.

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