ūü¶∑ 5 Signs Your Baby is Teething

February 19, 2021

ūü¶∑ 5 Signs Your Baby is Teething

Teething can be an chaotic time for both babies and parents so its always good to be prepared. While every teething experience is different, we've come up with 5 signs to suggest that bub's first tooth is on its way xo

1. More drool and dribble 

Teething often stimulates drooling so its one of the most common signs that a bub is teething. Excessive drool can cause rashes to break out on their face so it is important to keep the area clean and dry as much as possible. 

TIP: Bub's bibs may be more soaked than usual so we recommend packing a couple of spares when you go out!

2. Red and Inflamed Gums

As the teeth begin to push through the gum line, bub's gums may become red and inflamed. Their gums are quite tender at this time so they may gravitate towards cold foods and objects to pop into their mouth. 

TIP: If bub is eating solids, chill small pieces of soft fruits like bananas and give them to bub to suck on.

3. Constantly looking for objects to put in their mouth

The counter pressure from biting, chewing and gnawing on objects can help alleviate the pressure of the teeth breaking the surface of their gums. Bub's will often seek out objects, hard and soft, to chew on so they can help deal with the pressure build up. 

TIP: Teethersthat have both hard and soft components are recommended as they offer bub a range of surfaces to chew on to help alleviate pressure. 

4. More dirty nappies and runny ones too

While there is no direct correlation between teething and runny poos, many parents find that their bubs tend to have more dirty and runny nappies during teething time. However, diarrhea is a symptom of other serious infections, so it its persists, contact your GP. 

TIP: Have some nappy rash cream ready for a sore bottom! 

5.  Irritable, grump, sad and unsettled bub

Teething time can be a very uncomfortable experience for bub with the discomfort of sore gums and endless drool! You may notice their moods change and they may cry more frequently and for longer. 

TIP: While there's not much you can do, cuddles can go a long way to soothing bub during this crazy time! 




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