Back To School!

January 27, 2021

Back To School!

Somehow school is just around the corner! We're busy doing our annual back-to-school shopping and organising - geez it is a lot. We thought we'd share some of the things on our list - especially those which in previous years we've completely forgot to do or left to the last minute!

Also, this year, we are growing our collection to include more oral input devices to help kids meet their with sensory needs while at school and out and about. Check them out below! 



Our Checklist

📝 Uniform - prep clothes and make sure they are clean, free from scrapes and holes, tags cut off. For little ones, some households prep the clothes for the week ahead and store in snap lock bags - one less thing to think about and can help with independence for kids.

📝  Get the list of school supplies needed and find, borrow or buy as required. 

📝  Sort our lunch boxes, snack boxes and drink bottles. B.boxhave just launched a new back to school range and we're in love!

📝 Label everything from all the essential school supplies as well as lunchboxes (the base and the lid!), snack containers to socks!

📝 Do a practice walk or drive to school or preschool and talk about any expectations and how you little one might be feeling. Keeping it light and breezy can help manage any anxieties and familiarise the whole experience. You can talk about where you or who will be at pick up and where you will stand.

📝 Do a shop for lunches, snacks, fruit break and any meal prep needed for said lunches snacks and meals 🙈

📝 Source new school shoes or tidy up last years or any gifted pairs.

📝 Prepare a space for all the notes, paperwork and bits and pieces that will come home.

📝 Organise before and after school care.

📝 Book in haircuts - or don't! I'm kind of loving the longer floppy blonde summer locks right now!


Pencil Toppers

If you've ever checked your kids' pencil case, there's a good chance you'll find several mangled pencils with their tops absolutely chewed to bits!

If you've got a pencil biter, we recommend trying our pencil toppers. Made of food-grade silicone, these toppers sit on top of your children's pencils, ready for them to chew away! That way, they can meet their sensory needs at school without ingesting potentially dangerous chemicals and you don't have to keep buying new pencils!


Kids Chew Pendants

Stylish and fun, we offer a large range of kids chew pendants for school age children. We've even designed them with school uniform colours in mind so they're extra discreet!




"Our daughter has really enjoyed having this. It looks nice so it is discrete as a chew toy, so she can take it everywhere without worrying about social exclusion"


"Parker really finds chewing on them so helpful when he's feeling stress or overwhelmed etc. what makes it so perfect is that it's cool and such a favourite style for him to entice him to wear it all the time"


My son is obsessed with his little robot...he absolutely loves it!"


Did you know?

Recommended by Occupational Therapists, chew products can help preschool and school age children redirect their attention from hair, fingernails or clothes to a safe oral input device. This helps them meet their own sensory needs in a safe manner with a device specifically designed for mouthing, teething and chewing. 


Easy Snack - Hedgehog Slice

Do you literally feel like you prep 1100 snacks each day? This recipe from Kidgredients is nut free and baking free. Win win! For more amazing, easy and sure to be loved by kids recipes click on the image below.


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