Chewing Guide - Soft, Medium and Firm

February 22, 2023

Girl chewing sensory chew pendant

We want you to find the chew that's right for you. The team at Jellystone Designs has put together this Chewing Guide where we will discuss the different hardness levels we offer (soft, medium and firm) and provide some recommendations for you to choose from!

Please note that chew pendants & necklaces are recommended for ages 3+. If your child is under 3 years, please see our Silicone Toys range. 

How old is the child / person?

For children aged 3+ years, we recommend the Kids Chew range. The cord length is designed specifically for children to hold and bring to their mouth easily. 

For school age children, we recommend the Robot Pendant the colours are designed to match back with common uniform colours (e.g. school blue). 

For teenagers and adults, we recommend the Organic Pendant as the cord length is longer and adjustable. It can also double as a nursing necklace for women to wear while their child is breastfeeding or teething. 

Dino Pendant

What does the child / person typically chew? 

If they are prone to chewing their clothes, hair or fingers, we recommend a silicone Chew Pendant that is worn around the wearer's neck to redirect their chewing needs. The pendant itself can be brought up to the mouth and chewed as needed or otherwise sit discreetly as an accessory. 

If they like to chew pencils or pencils, we recommend a Pencil Topper which offers a more comfortable alternative to chewing on the pencil or pen itself. Just pop it on the top of the pencil or pen (only 2B or HB size). 

Do they chew with their front teeth or back teeth?

We have a range of chews for different chewing areas. Some children and adults tend to chew on their back teeth which means they require a long, slender chew that can reach to the back molars. Tooth grinding is also included in this category. For back teeth, we recommend the Coolamon Pendant, Robot Pendant for these kind of chewers. 

For children and adults chewing on their front teeth, there is no specific size or shape requirements - any chew tool can be used on front teeth. 

If you are unsure which teeth they are using, we recommend a back molar chew as this will cover both the back and front teeth. 

Robot Pendant

What level of firmess do they need? 

Soft - For children or adults who are classified as 'mild chewers' who don't chew through anything. These chews are quite chewy and malleable, perfect for mild chewing and even figeting. If this is you, check out the Rainbow Pendant, one of our most popular soft chews!

Medium - For children or adults who are classified as 'moderate chewers' who chew more regularly and require a firmer chew. Many of the Jellystone chews have medium firmness including the Dino Pendant, Snowflake Pendant, and Robot Pendant.

Firm - For children or adults who are classified as 'avid chewers' that tend to chew through objects. These chews are quite tough (not very malleable) as they are designed to withstand more aggressive chewing. However, please be mindful that no chew is indestructible so they may need replacing. In the firm range, we have the Owl Pendant, and Heart Pendant.

Why don't you offer a super hard chew?

We do offer firm chews for avid chewers but have consciously decided not to create a super strength chew as we believe this can lead to undue pressure on the chewer's teeth and jaw. In these cases, we recommend seeking medical attention as there may be additional support that is needed. 

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