How to use our Ocean Stacking Cups and Sensory Scene Setters during the summer!

January 04, 2023

How to use our Ocean Stacking Cups and Sensory Scene Setters during the summer!

It is finally summer time! Suns out, water is warm and it time for your water bub to thrive! Keeping bubs happy, entertained and cool can sometimes be a challenge but we are here to tell you how our Ocean Stacking cups and Sensory Scene Setters are the perfect beach and pool accessory!



Our Ocean Stacking cups come with matching silicone rings which make for a fun sensory game great for young kids! Here we have some other ways you can incorporate them into your summer play:

  1. The colourful silicone rings that come with our stacking cups sink in water! These can be used for bigger kiddies in the pool. Throwing them in the water and having your kids dive for them is great for hand eye coordination and also to help your child become confident and comfortable with breath holding while having fun! Our bright set is best for this as it will help your child with colour recognition!
  2. Each of our stacking cups have little holes at the top, this is great for water play! Having your bub scoop up water and watching it trickle through the holes is a great way to keep them entertained and explore water comfortably.
  1. The stacking cups are also great for the beach! Kiddos can pack sand into the cups and make different sized sand sculptures! They are also great for scooping up sand and digging holes to create pools!
  1. Use the coins for a treasure hunt! Just like kids love to dig up and discover seashells, they’ll love digging up the coins! This can also be used in a sand pit in the same way for smaller bubs!


Our Sensory Scene Setters come in a set of two – our rolling mountains and flowing rock pools! These can be used in the sand, by the pool or even at home with our sensory rice! They are versatile and fabulous for summer play! Here’s how:

  1. The set helps kiddies create their own sensory scene! Add sand, seashells and water and watch as they fall into the grooves of the rock pools and the mountains!
  1. The holes on top of the mountains are great for sticking branches and twigs into! Utilising these tools at the beach with assist with expanding your child’s creativity and imagination by creating their own scenes!
  1. If you have smaller bubs, a paddle pool at home is perfect for use with this set! Bubs can use both the mountains and the pools for scooping and discovering different textures and how they work in the water!

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