DIY Calm Down Bottle Inspo!

August 14, 2020

Calm Down Bottles on table with water marbles

Your go-to guide for DIY Calm Down Bottle Inspo!

So you've purchased one of our DIY Calm Down Bottles and you need some pointers on how to create an amazing sensory tool. Well, check out this blog post where we'll give you some great tips and tricks! 

You should have received an instruction manual in your bottle so you'll know the basics; remove the silicone ends, empty the packet of crafts into the bottle, fill with warm water, secure the lid, poop the silicone ends back and you're good to go. 

Now for the added flair! We've spoken to some of our lovely customers and combined a list of fantastic ideas to make your Calm Down Bottle extra special:



TIP #1

Add Elmer's clear glue to the mixture with some boiling water and shaking well. This also allows for a slow-flowing bottle that's super mesmerizing for little ones. Warning; wait until the bottle cools before giving to kids. 
Boy playing with calm down bottle

Try using some Elmer's Glow in the Dark Glue which you can get from any Officeworks, Kmart, Big W or Woolworths. Use around half the bottle of glue and mix with your glitter contents to create your very glow stick! Perfect for helping little ones who are afraid of the dark. Check out this one out by

Glow in the Dark Calm Down Bottle


TIP #2

Pop in a couple of fresh flowers inside. It's the perfect combination of nature play and sensory play! Check out this one from @thewondersofplay

Flowers inside Mint Calm Down Bottle

Do a treasure hunt around the garden for flowers, leaves and other little bits and pieces that they can add to the calm down bottle. It's perfect combination of nature and sensory play, and works especially well in Autumn and Spring! If you want to see our treasure hunt in action, click here

We are in love with this pretty pink floral bottle from @a.mellow.mumma 
Pink Floral Calm Down Bottle 


TIP #3

Create a theme for your calm down bottle! Some ideas are nature, underwater, floral and rainbow. @these_playfuldays used an ocean theme for their blue calm down bottle:

Ocean themed calm down bottle
Underwater themed calm down bottle


Tip #4

Pop some water beads in your calm down bottle! Look at the brilliant colours in these bottles from @beautifullittlesoulsblog@miles.and.noah and If you are interested in ordering water marbles, our friends at Huckleberry Store sell them on their online store!

Water Marbles in the Calm Down Bottle

Water beads in the snow calm down bottle
Water beads in a calm down bottle
You can even use vanishing water marbles to create a 'frozen' bottle. Add in some figurines and watch them as they appear suspended in time like this one from @our_little_toyroom
DIY Calm Down Bottle


Tip #5

Try using dry ingredients like rice, grain and sand. Add some fun toys and the kids will love watching them make their way through the bottle! See this fabulous calm down bottle creation from @miles.and.noah

Rice beads in the snow calm down bottle
Plus! Hard grains, rice, corn kernels and chickepeas make excellent music shakers. Check out this rainbow music shaker made from dyed corn kernels from @our_little_toyroom
DIY Calm Down Bottle Inspo


Tip #6

Help your little ones learn about all things nature! By adding some dyed grains, insect figurines and fresh flowers to your bottle, you can create your very own ecosystem like the one @seaofashe has created here!

Flowers and insects in diy calm down bottle

And check out this bee-themed one by @play.learn.flourish. They used coloured rice, felt balls and some insect figurines.

Bee-themed calm down bottle

This beautiful nature-themed bottle is filled with yellow sequins and little bee figurines!

Nature-themed calm down bottle


Tip #7

To celebrate space week, @our.tiny.moments created this fabulous galaxy-themed bottle! All you need are cotton balls, glitter and paint. Start by filling 1/4 of the bottle with water, then add some liquid paint to the water. Stir, add glitter and then push some cotton balls into the water. Keep adding different layers of paint and glitter to the bottle until near the top. Add the lid and secure firmly.

Galaxy Themed Bottle

Tip #8

Create your own lava lamp! Simply place oil, water and food colouring into a bottle. Add some broken up alka seltzer tablets and watch the magic happen! We love this one from @homewithharlow

Lava Lamp Calm Down Bottle

And this one is by @baby_burrito_play.

Lava Lamp


Tip #9

If you have a newborn, try adding black and white, high contrast objects to the calm down bottle. Research has shown that the retina of a newborn baby isn’t fully developed and that simple, high contrast, black and white objects are a great way to help develop their eyesight and encourage focus. Check out this one from @one.busy.mumma

High Contrast DIY Calm Down Bottle


Tip #10

We love seeing our calm down bottles all lit up! You can add some small fairy lights or light up cubes (we love Glopals) to the bottle to create a light tube. Check out this one from

Light Up Calm Down Bottle

And we definitely recommend trying our the bottle with Glopals too! 

Glopals in Calm Down Bottle


Tip #11

Don't want your old water beads to go to waste? Well you don't have to! Use your old water beads to create your own lava lamp bottle. When the light hits the oil and broken beads, it throws off this awesome lava lamp like effect where oil rises and falls between the colour. Check out this one from @miles.and.noah

Lava lamp calm down bottle

Tip #12

Is your child into Pokémon? Or maybe Bakugan? Create your own themed bottle like below and fill it with your child's favourite characters!

Pokemon-themed calm down bottle

Tip #13

Add little Lego pieces to the bottle! They add a pop of colour and are great things for kids to focus on as they shake the bottle. Check out @instahenri fantastic Lego bottle here: 

Lego in the calm down bottle

Tip #14

Will you be my Valentine? Refresh your bottle with little red crafts (things like hearts, red sequins, red pipecleaners, red glitter) to give it a Valentine's theme. We love this one from @a.mellow.mumma

Valentine's Themed Calm Down Bottle 

Tip #15

If you want to make your calm down bottle a little more Christmassy, we have just the thing. Why not add a bit of crimson bottlebrush and some rosemary so you can get those lovely bright red and green colours to pop? You can even try it out in one of our limited edition Christmas Bottles to complete the Christmas theme! 

Christmas-themed calm down bottle


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