Lets Get Creative 🎨 How to build your own DIY Bead Kit

September 04, 2020

Lets Get Creative 🎨 How to build your own DIY Bead Kit

Now you've ordered a DIY Bead Kit, here are some tips and tricks for you to make your own Jellystone jewellery!


  • Beads & Pendant
  • Cord
  • Clasps


  • Choose the beads you'd like to include on your necklace as well as the cord colour
  • Thread the beads onto the cord (*tip* slightly burn the ends of the cord to make it easier to bead). Parental supervision required. See image below.
  • Cut the cord to the desired length and slip on the clasps at both ends (a different type of clasp for each end). The open side of the clasp should be facing outwards. See photo below.
  • Tie off the necklace with a knot at both ends (the knot should sit inside the clasp)
  • Click the two ends of the clasp together

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