The Many Benefits of Sensory Toys and Tools for Babies and Children

September 15, 2020

The Many Benefits of Sensory Toys and Tools for Babies and Children

This month, we were featured on the Kiddipedia website discussing the benefits of sensory toys and tools for little ones. It's a quick read and super informative if you want to know a little bit more about sensory play and processing! Here's a little excerpt from the article xx

"A compulsion for chewing can extend beyond infants and toddlers however, and parents tend to be less familiar with the power of sensory tools to help older children as well as those with special needs, who require more oral sensory input than other kids".

In the article, we discuss the importance of chewing as a form of exploration & sensory relief for babies. 

"For babies and toddlers, putting things in their mouths is an inevitable stage of oral development. Exploring their new world and seeking relief from their growing pains, they’ll be sucking and biting until the cows come home!"

We also talk about chewing as a form of sensory relief in older children. 

"An important distinction to make is that it’s not a matter of them wanting to chew, but rather, needing or feeling compelled to chew. More often than not, this is a sensory-related act instead of a behavioural one, so simply telling them to stop, won’t work!"

Finally, we also touch upon the importance of chewing as a form of development and sensory relief for children on the autism spectrum; 

"Challenges in processing sensory information is characteristic for kids on the autism spectrum. Their senses can be over- or under-sensitive, and they may require aids to increase their oral muscles during speech therapy. Occupational Therapists recommend chewable devices to provide positive stimulation and help them self-regulate during periods of anxiety, plus support their attention to task"

If you want more info, please check out the article on the Kiddipedia Website

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