The Story Behind the Coolamon Pendant

November 05, 2021

The Story Behind the Coolamon Pendant

Jellystone Designs has just launched their newest addition to the Kids Chew Pendant Range, the Coolamon Pendant! A collaboration with Tanika Davis fromThe I Am Movement, an organisation that aims to provide culturally appropriate learning resources to Aboriginal families.

Tanika approached us about potentially collaborating together just after I had welcomed to the world our little girl Coco. Many months, chats and emails later we are launching just after Tanika has had her little girl Eadie!


Little Coco and Eadie

When Tanika first reached out she asked generally about if creating a pendant together would be possible. I loved the idea of creating something culturally appropriate which is what Tanika strives to do with all the resources on her website and her business the I Am Movement.

When asked what motivated Tanika to reach out, she said

"As a mum to a child who is autistic, I naturally wanted to create something that supported my child through his journey of development, basically anything that would support. Further to this: being an Aboriginal mother- the need for culturally appropriate resources are something we are on the lookout for constantly. I wanted to partner with Jellystone Designs as we have purchased from the team before, and the quality of the pendants were second to none."
The I Am Movement

When Tanika suggested designing a Coolamon, I realised I had never heard this word before. After some googling, I quickly learnt that it was a type of carrying vessel used by Aboriginal communities. It might be serendipitous but that afternoon when I was in the park watching my boys build a new 'base camp' they took a piece of bark from the ground and gathered up their treasures (small rocks!) in this big bark dish - exactly the shape of a Coolamon. It has been brilliant learning about this piece and sharing its' story, history and uses with my kids too. 


Coolamon Pendant


Tanika provided us with a gorgeous sketch of a Coolamon. It was beautiful and organic in shape and our design team was able to transform this into a 3D pendant. We did discuss the idea of adding a texture reflecting woodcarvings and decorations but Tanika loved the design and its' smoothness so we kept it as is. She was also concerned that adding texture could detract from the gorgeous shape and I think she was spot on! Coolamon Pendant in 3 Colours


Collaborating on a project, especially during lockdown when you feel so distant from other people has been such a joy. Everything just flowed with ease which is the sign of a great partnership. We feel so happy that Tanika reached out to us that day many moons ago. Can't help but feel a little bit proud to be able to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation as well with this new pendant design too. 

This pendant comes with thoughtful consideration, much love and packed with an extra bit of goodness, giving $2 from every pendant sold to the  Indigenous Literacy Foundation to help with the amazing work they do. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation gift "thousands of new, culturally appropriate books - with a focus on early literacy and first language - but also by running programs to inspire communities to tell and publish their own stories, in the languages they choose".

 Donations to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

If you would like to know more about the Coolamon Pendant, visit our website here

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