Chews Your Own Chews

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Chews Your Own Chews!

With this fabulous bundle, you can choose ANY 3 PENDANTS from our Kids Chew Range. These can include our: 

  • Robot Pendants 
  • Heart Pendants
  • Rainbow Pendants
  • Dino Pendants
  • Owl Pendants 
  • Arrow Pendants
  • Strike Energy Pendants
  • Snowflake Pendants

How to order: 

  • Please write your 3 pendant selections (including type and colour) in the 'Notes' section of the checkout.  

Care Instructions

All our Kids Chew Pendants can be washed with warm soapy water or wiped with a damp cloth.

Due to vast range of needs and the diversity of the spectrum, these products may not be suitable for all children. Please use your own discretion and use under adult supervision at all times. These jewellery pieces are not indestructible and therefore will need to be monitored and replaced if damaged. The timeframe in which this occurs will be faster with more aggressive chewers. Please also note that children with fully developed teeth or aggressive biters may be able to damage Jellystone Designs products, therefore adult supervision is advised.

If you have any concerns about/with your kids chew pendant, please email 

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